Diets That Work – Atkins Diet Basics

It has been reported on most news channels that obesity is becoming a huge problem in the United States and other countries. People are not exercising enough and many are looking for diets that can produce weight loss very quickly. It should be pointed out that most doctors recommend a well balanced diet coupled with […]

Get quick weight loss results immediately

Apart from materialistic stress in the modern day living, there are two more serious concerns in the lives of modern man. It is overweight and busy lifestyle. Both these concerns are affecting the core living and resulting into various health concerns. Doctors and researchers have made a study into the modern day diseases and have […]

Vegetarian Diets Benefits

Vegetarian diets can help protect your heart. Many vegetarians eat nuts as a form of protein, and these nuts contain healthy fats called omega fats. Omega-3 and omega-6 both help the body reduce cholesterol, and work to unclog arteries. You know that weight loss is an industry. A money-making industry with many claims to make: […]

Tips to Healthy Eating

Balancing the food you consume will help keep your body in great health. Eating healthy will energise your body for the day, while giving your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to stay strong for you to enjoy activities which will in turn help you to maintain a healthy weight. Below, […]

How Effective Is Calorie Restriction?

To those who may not be aware, Calorie Restriction (CR) is a form of planned diet in which calorie intake is reduced and calorie restriction is widely acknowledged as the longevity diet. It is believed that calorie restriction has the potential to increase the lifespan if the right quantities of low calorie food are eaten […]

Prenatal Vitamins and Morning Sickness

At some point during a woman’s pregnancy, she has a 50% chance of experience morning sickness. Everyday activities like eating are uncomfortable and hard to cope with due to morning sickness. Each woman will handle morning sickness differently and will find it affects them differently, regardless of how similar the symptoms seem. Here are some […]