Misconceptions Of A Vegetarian Diet

The Misconceptions of Vegetarian Weight Loss Its a common misconception that vegetarians are thin and dont struggle with excess weight or obesity, youll be surprised to know just how untrue this is. Vegetarian weight loss is something that you may experience when you first become a vegetarian and cut meat and meat products out of […]

How to Reduce Home Clutter

While some condos and apartments may be more spacious than others, living in a condo or an apartment always provides extra incentive to streamline your belongings to maximize your space.  This means recognizing when you should let something go to reduce the amount of “clutter” in your home.  To figure out what should stay and […]

Which Weight Loss Plans Really Work?

According to the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), nearly 25.6% of the US population was found to be obese in 2007 and so, which extreme weight loss plans really work, is a rather relevant question. While there are numerous methods, from surgery to diets, medication to rigorous gym workouts, to lose weight, it may […]

Dieting on Gluten-Free Grains

Not many years ago, learning of a person on a gluten free diet was rare, but recently there has been a huge volume of people allergic to gluten or individuals giving it up for other health reason such as autism or weight loss. Gluten-free means not eating wheat, barley, rye, and sometimes oats. Such a […]

Gluten-Free Alternative Diet

Have you or someone you care about been diagnosed as having Celiac Disease? Looking for information on how to get started into the Gluten-Free world? Never panic, Celiac Disease has been researched thoroughly already; there’s much we know about it, and a lot of information and functional systems to get through it in a decent […]