Lose Weight Fast – 3 Tips to Speed Up Results

While consistent exercise will help make needed changes in your body, your diet is the most important factor in a weight loss program. If you aren’t eating healthy foods and giving your body what it needs to shed fat successfully, you are holding yourself back from maximum weight loss. The following tips are designed to help you make purposeful changes in your diet that will speed up your weight loss progress.

#1: Fat is Not the Devil

Focus on eating healthy fats every day, rather than trying to cut fat out of your diet completely. It may not make a lot of sense to eat fat in order to lose fat, but healthy fat sources are actually necessary to increase the fat burning process, increase hormone levels required to increase lean muscle mass, and even control your appetite.

Some healthy dietary fats include:

* Raw nuts
* Seeds
* Egg yolks (organic free range eggs preferable)
* Avocados
* Extra virgin olive oil
* Coconut oil
* Grass-fed meats

There are different types of olive oil, but extra virgin is the best option since it has the highest level of antioxidants. While coconut oil does contain saturated fat which is generally bad, it is a special form of saturated fat which as medium chain triglycerides which makes it healthier. Meat from grass-fed animals contains a healthy fat called conjugated linoleic acid which can actually increase fat burn and increase muscle.

Did you know that eating nuts about a half hour before eating a meal could reduce your appetite so you eat fewer calories at that meal? Its true! Try keeping healthy nuts such as almonds, walnuts, or pecans on hand and eat a handful a half hour before each meal. They are packed with protein, fiber, and healthy fat that will reduce your appetite.

#2: Protein is a Kitchen Staple

Protein should become a main staple in your kitchen since it has the power to control appetite and reduce hunger so you eat fewer calories throughout the day. Protein should be eaten with every meal and snack to get the most benefit. Try to keep a mix of grass-fed meats and raw dairy and plant proteins such as beans and nuts on hand at all times.

If you are exercising on a consistent basis, protein is even more important. It will help keep your metabolism boosted and make it easier for your body to develop lean muscle mass from those workouts.

You can also control blood sugar and insulin levels by eating more protein. This is because it helps control the breakdown of carbohydrates.

#3: Switch Up the Carbs

I’m not one to suggest a restrictive low carbohydrate diet, but I do know that refined and sugary carbohydrates such as white bread and cakes are a major reason so many people struggle to lose weight. Yes, there is sugar in some healthy foods such as fresh fruit and berries, but those are natural sugars that demand a slower response in blood sugar levels. They are healthy sugars.

For instance, it is better to eat an apple than a glass of apple juice since the juice likely had much of its natural nutrients removed during processing and may be loaded down with sugar.

As a specialist in nutrition, I am confident that losing weight will become much easier and fat loss will accelerate if you give up the grains and start replacing them with fresh fruits and vegetables instead. Many people who struggle to lose weight find that just making this one switch speeds up their results dramatically.

If you are looking to increase energy, lose weight, and look your best, try putting these three tips into action. You will accelerate your results faster than you thought possible!

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