The 100 Calorie Diet

Are you willing to actually Work your coefficient job erst and for all? Get fit for a totally NEW and Surprising approaching to metric diminution. The 100 Kilocalorie Fasting reveals a totally new, tingling and undemanding way to regress unit. No much deprivation, no writer fat and carb reckoning (who wants to unrecorded without loot, […]

The Atkins Vs Calorie Shifting Diet

If you’re still confused about finding the best diet for weight loss you no longer have to worry if you carefully read this article entirely. This article mainly focuses on the popular Atkins Diet and the Calorie Shifting diet that is quite a new dieting breakthrough lately in the weight loss industry. Why not spend […]

Weight Loss Calorie Formula

At least once in your life you have to count calories if you want to be successful in long term weight loss. When my personal training clients complain to me that they can’t lose weight no matter what they do, my first question to them is “How many calories are you eating each day?” I […]

Negative Calorie Effect

How it works No matter what we eat or drink our body needs to work to digest and absorb it. Some foods need more energy to activate the process while others take less. There are certain foods that need more calories to digest than the calorie content contained in them. These foods can be termed […]

When is a Calorie Not a Calorie

It is important to be aware of the calories in food when it comes to assisting your weight loss efforts. The ‘Golden Rule’ when it comes to weight loss is: ‘Calories (energy) In’ must be less than ‘Calories (energy) Out’. By doing so you create a calorie (energy) deficit in the body and can therefore […]