Let Us Share Some Diabetes Mellitus Tips

The following are some important points to those diabetics in daily diet:: Control the proper mount of staple food: In usually time, the recumbent diabetes can only eat 250-300 grams principal food every day, including rice, flour, millet, buckwheat etc. While to light manual laborers daily is 350-400 grams and heavy manual laborer daily is […]

Common Diabetes Mellitus Complications

Diabetes and Eye Issues Uncontrolled diabetes can damage the eyes and cause blindness. It’s the high blood glucose that will increase the chance of diabetes eye problems. After all, diabetes is the leading reason behind blindness in adults age twenty to 74. High blood glucose in diabetes causes the lens of the eye to swell, […]

Diabetes Mellitus: The Basics

DIABETES MELLITUS   It pays to know about diabetes. Did you know that over twenty-four million Americans are diabetic, and that over five million have not been diagnosed yet?  Diabetes is a major cause of medical disability and retirement, of people having premature strokes and heart attacks, of amputations, and of winding up on kidney […]

Causes Of Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus or type 1 diabetes develops when the pancreas that produce insulin performs what we call an ‘auto-destruction’, wherein the body silently destroys the insulin thereby creating a deficiency. Diabetes mellitus is an inherited defect and once it is triggered by some factors, the disease will start to manifest. The specific cause of diabetes […]

What is Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus is a type of disease in which the amount of sugar present in the blood is in excess than normal limit. The amount of sugar in the blood is determined by “insulin” secreted by pancreatic cells and is responsible for uptake of glucose (sugar) in muscles, liver etc. Therefore either complete absence of […]