Diet Plans And Menus – The Jenny Craig Diet

The Jenny Craig Diet was invented in 1985. Today there are centers in North America, Australia, and New Zealand. Dieters work with a nutritional counselor who helps them determine personal weight loss objectives. In general they will eat smaller meals, which allows them to burn calories more efficiently. This diet is rich in fruits and […]

Diet Plans And Menus – The Detox-Slimming Diet

The Detox-Slimming Diet was created to eliminate toxins from your body. It includes a ten-day detox phase, a stabilization phase that lasts from one to eight weeks, and life-long habits to acquire. The first day you get your body used to eating only fruits, vegetables, and grains. The second and third days you eat only […]

Do Diet Plans & Diet Menus Really Work?

The answer to this question is not always clear. Some diet plans and menus will work real well for some people, but this doesn’t necessarily mean, however, that they will work well for everyone. The key thing to think about here is really the principles that the diet plan is based on and how long […]

Low Cholesterol Diet Menus – 7 Tips

If you are trying to lose weight, either for health reasons or just because you want to look great in those form-fitting jeans you bought, you already know that having a low-cholesterol diet is one of the cornerstones of healthy eating. Overall, a low cholesterol diet should serve to decrease your consumption of total dietary […]

Diet Menus – Fresh Prepared Or TV Dinners?

With each different type of diet comes different diet menus and different food choices. Foods like fruits and vegetables are usually found on most different types of diet menus, while other foods can be a bit more restrictive. Most diets consist of the dieter doing their own grocery shopping for fresh foods to prepare meals […]