How to remove pdf password and restriction

As we all know that PDF is really a good thing for reading and sharing as it has great reliability.Almost any one on any computer system can view PDF with PDF Reader. However,due to the copy-right or data protected,when creating PDF,we may put password or password restriction .This can prevent from openning or copying,printing and […]

Caloric Restriction For Anti-Aging

Can caloric restriction really delay or even prevent human aging? The jury is still out when it comes to human longevity but studies have proven that for many organisms, curtailing the amount of calories consumed can significantly extend life span. The Only Proven Life-Extension Technique Restricting calories for anti-aging purposes is quite different from a […]

How Effective Is Calorie Restriction?

To those who may not be aware, Calorie Restriction (CR) is a form of planned diet in which calorie intake is reduced and calorie restriction is widely acknowledged as the longevity diet. It is believed that calorie restriction has the potential to increase the lifespan if the right quantities of low calorie food are eaten […]